We have started our brand with two things in mind. Quality and Functionality.

Made in EUROPE

To make your everyday life better!

Our goal? To take your adventures to the next level without compromising on style.

We offer each one of our products with the highest standards of quality. Our focus on innovation, design, and comfort gives our smart bags the functionality and style that you need in your everyday life.

Our bags are tough, durable, and multifunctional, designed to be versatile wherever the destination; from commuting to work to visiting the gym, spending weekends in the wilderness to city breaks..

Choosing SmartBag is not only investing in your looks but in an easier life. This is because of the many functional features of our smart backpacks. Each one of our products has a built-in USB charging capability for your phone because we know how fast your smartphone battery drops. We also know about your fears of someone stealing something from you, which is why many of our smart backpacks have built-in thief protection. Designed to easily hold all of your daily tech and lifestyle necessities thanks to its smart design and system of functional extras, SmartBag will be your perfect everyday companion, no matter what your day has in store.

This is the only place you can find all the best-selling models of smart bags with exceptional quality and high-standard design in one place. Our mission is to provide our customers with tough, durable, and highly functional smart bags designed for every aspect of life.

We do not offer replicas, all our goods are ORIGINAL and are delivered directly from the manufacturer, so we can make sure that what we offer is exactly what you are looking for.


Despite the backpacks' abundance flooding the market none of them offers more than one smart feature and fails to meet all our demands. That’s the reason why our founder Luchezar built SmartBag. He was dedicated to creating a product that can not only make people’s life easier but also satisfy their needs and give them peace of mind.

What’s the secret to success? We think the reason is we are both sellers and customers. We encountered the problems you have. We need the features you want. We feel what you felt. That’s the reason we can do a better job. We didn’t just want to make and sell backpacks.


At SmartBag, we believe that good design can change things for the better and help people improve their lifestyles and adventures in an environmentally friendly way.

Our focus is to combine materials and functions to offer uniquely lightweight backpacks, accessories, and intelligent travel solutions. We aim to foster a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle while keeping personal style in check.

Our products don't sacrifice aesthetics. All items are made with high-quality materials. Made to support a minimalist lifestyle in constant motion.

Deep down we believe that we’re not just a backpack company. We want to be the company that inspires people to get out and explore the wonderful world.