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7 places to visit in Bulgaria in the summer

by Sonja Nikolova on Jul 06, 2022

7 места, които да посетите в България през лятото

If you have not yet decided where to spend your vacation in the summer, we present you several proposals, different and ideal depending on your preferences.

1. Waterfalls

If you don't like standing under the hot, strong summer sun, and prefer a cool and secluded place, why not head to the waterfalls, where you will both be recharged by the unique views, and you can cool off in the cold and bubbling waters.
Our suggestion for such a destination is Krushun waterfalls. They are located next to Krushuna village, Lovech district and are the largest water cascade in the country. The main waterfall is over 20 meters high, and several more are formed from it. It is suitable for adults and children, since literally in 10 minutes you climb from the starting point to the first waterfall. An eco-path starts from there, through which you can pass through all the beautiful water creations, the distance being really short and easily accessible. The waterfall itself springs from a cave, and near the place is the Devetashka cave, which is one of the largest mountains in Bulgaria.
The place is exotic, beautiful and fresh and excellent for relaxation.

  1. Mountain

Mount Bezbog - 2645 m. is definitely your place if you want to visit some of the Pirin peaks, but you are afraid if it will be up to you.
At the beginning of the route is Gotse Delchev hut, located a few minutes by car from Dobrinishte, from where you can reach Bezbog hut in 30 minutes by lift. Here you can stay overnight and/or rest. From the hut you can also see the stunning view of Bezbojko Lake. The view in the opposite direction is also unique! With one glance, the beauties of Rila and Rhodope are revealed before you! The route to the top itself is easy and well-marked, and although it looks difficult and imposing in places, it is within everyone's abilities, and the view from the top is worth every effort. From the Bezbog hut for lovers of the passes, you can reach Popovo Lake in 3 hours.
The town of Dobrinishte, which offers wonderful accommodation with a wide variety of restaurants and local taverns, where you can enjoy the delicacies of this region. And on your way to the lodge, pass through the fishpond, where you can catch your own lunch. The establishment offers all kinds of feasts and dishes suitable for the trout grown there.

10 minutes from Dobrinishte is the city of Bansko, where you can immerse yourself in the history and sights that this ancient and at the same time modernized place offers.
Last but not least - Dobrinishte is the starting point of the country's only narrow gauge railway, so what are you waiting for!

  1. Mineral springs

For those of you who prefer to immerse yourself in the hot waters and benefit from their healing and relaxing properties, we offer the mineral springs of the village of Varvara. The village is located in the foothills of the Western Rhodopes, 19 km from Pazardjik and 6 km from Septemvri, which is the last stop of our narrow-gauge railway. The village is located on the Chepinska river, along the banks of which more than 15 mineral springs have been discovered. Here, a deep spring of water with a high sulfur content and a temperature reaching 92 degrees was discovered with a probe, which ranks the spring in second place in Bulgaria in terms of water heat. In the village of Varvara, you can stay in various hotels offering a pool with mineral waters and other treatments, where you can indulge in complete relaxation.

Near the village is the town of Velingrad, which is ideal for a day trip. And if you want to experience the romance comparable to traveling back in time, here is the terminus of the only functioning railway line. The line has a total length of 124.7 km and connects the Upper Thracian Plain, the Rhodope Mountains, Rila and Pirin. On the way you pass through a picturesque gorge and uniquely beautiful views!

  1. Rivers

Arda is perhaps the most impressive rivers in Bulgaria. It springs from Mount Ardin in the Rhodopes and flows into Maritsa on Greek territory, forming unique meanders (horseshoe-shaped bends of the riverbed) along the way. On its way, the river travels 250 kilometers, fills three of the largest dams with water and flows into Maritsa to complete its journey on the territory of Greece. One of the most impressive and easily accessible bends are those at the entrance to the "Ivaylovgrad" dam. Madjarovo is an abandoned mining town located in a hollow. It is believed to be the crater of a long-extinct volcano through which Arda made its way, forming beautiful meanders. The Madjarovo-Borislavtsi road, which winds along the river, is perhaps the most picturesque in Bulgaria, and the Eastern Rhodopes are the only place in our country where griffon vultures still nest. We advise you not to miss seeing the other two meanders of Arda, which are located very close. The first of them is in the area of ​​the village of Rusalsko. The place is amazingly beautiful. The starting point for him is the mentioned village of Borovitsa. The other few meanders are no less wonderful. Most of them are located in the area of ​​the "Kardjali" dam. The most popular of these is known as the "Bend".
The village of Lubino is located very close by, where you can see another beautiful meander. There, the river meanders past the hill on the top of which stood the medieval fortress of Krivus. Parts of the fortress wall, the battlements and the entrance to the fortress have been preserved to this day.
These formations impress with their beauty, bringing the magic and wonder of the Rhodope Mountains. There are other attractions nearby, such as the "Utrobata" cave, Thracian rock niches near the village of Dazhdovnitsa, the remains of the Patmos and Krivus fortresses.

  1. Monasteries

The Gigina Monastery "St. St. Cosmas and Damian" (also known as the Chernogorsk Monastery) dates back to the 11th-12th centuries, when the monastery was located at the foot of Mount Tumba (1129 m), in the Kitka area. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the monastery had a rich farm and many properties donated to it by the Bulgarian kings and boyars.
The Gigina Monastery was one of the few Bulgarian monasteries that continued to function even after the Ottoman invasion and established itself as a spiritual and enlightening center for the population in the area. In the 16th century the monastery also housed a cell school.
About 1737-1739. the monastery was burned down by the Turks, only to be resurrected a little later thanks to several Hilendar monks who discovered a healing spring near the current monastery buildings and decided to move the monastery next to it.
The monastery is located about 1000 m above sea level, and in its courtyard there are benches, fountains and many flowers. On the territory of the monastery there is also an ayazmo, whose waters are considered healing. The healing water springs between the roots of an old oak tree, which is located in the courtyard of the monastery. Many people visit it and drink from the waters in hopes of health and well-being. Nowadays, the place has been completely renovated, and the small church, the shops, the convents and the rooms for the monks have been preserved from the old buildings. In the old church, you can see frescoes from the 19th century, and in the shops you can buy various products produced here - honey, sweets, spices, buffalo yogurt.
The monastery and its surroundings are ideal for hiking in case you are looking for peace from the city while touching the holy abode.

The visit to the Gigina Monastery can be combined in good weather with a visit to the town of Trun and the gorge of the Erma River or with a visit to the Zemen Monastery.
Another interesting place, although a little more difficult to reach, is the Well Temple near the village of Garlo - a mysterious and unique place, a monument from a completely different culture, perfectly preserved, despite its more than 3,000 years.

  1. Rocks

The Belogradchik rocks can rightly be called the 8th wonder of the world. The words of the writer Anton Strashimirov are also indicative: "Before the fantastic visions of the Belogradchik rocks, the human fantasy is robbed, absolutely robbed with all its whims!" These incredible creations of nature are located in the area of ​​the city of Belogradchik, in the Western Pre-Balkans. They stretch over a nearly 30 km long section and are divided into three groups - Falkovska, Central and Zbegovska.

The unique natural phenomenon of Belogradchishki rocks is a rock complex with a length of about 30 km and a width of 6-7 km. The complex stretches from west to east from Mount Vedernik (1124 m), around the town of Belogradchik, to the villages of Borovitsa and Belotintsi.
The Belogradchik rocks have been sculpted by nature for more than 200 million years. Their reddish hue is due to the content of iron oxide.
They are rock formations of various shapes and sizes, rising to a height of more than 100 m.
The first group of rocks is located around the town of Belogradchik. The names of the more famous of them are the Horseman, the Madonna, the Dervish, Adam and Eve, the Mushrooms, the Lion, the Monks, the Bear, the Castle, the Shepherd. In 2007, the Belogradchik rocks were nominated in the "New Seven Wonders of the World" competition and took one of the top positions, although they did not reach the final.
The region of Belogradchik is establishing itself as an attractive destination for tourism. The city was chosen in 2008 as the national winner of the EDEN program competition for an excellent tourist destination thanks to its rich Thracian heritage and impressive nature. If you haven't visited this phenomenon yet, it might be time to do so!

  1. Yiiii.. of course SEA!

Summer wouldn't be summer if you didn't visit some of the seaside towns and take a dip in the salty waters of the sea. The possibilities are many here - about 200 km of sandy beach, and whichever place you choose, the most important thing is to feel good, lying under the hot summer sun on the beach, hearing the ebb and flow of the sea waves and the screeches of the seagulls. Bliss! Everyone probably has a "favorite" place on the Black Sea coast, where they want to return every year and know the surroundings, and even the restaurants and shops.
Our suggestion is to visit the amazing Bolata Bay. It is one of the most beautiful and protected bays located on the northern coast and is part of the Kaliakra reserve, located on the northern side of Cape Kaliakra, near the town of Kavarna.
The bay is uniquely beautiful with its crystal sea waters and fine sand. It can safely be called the pearl of the Black Sea. All around it stretch red rocks with caves carved into them. A short river flows through Bolata, into which numerous springs flow. Where they flow together it forms a small lagoon mouth that so impresses visitors. The bay is one of the best places for diving.
Bolata is a well-known and unique place that captivates you on the first visit.

Around the bay is the village of Balgarevo, where anyone who wants peace and relaxation can settle down, and for those who want more opportunities to visit, the city of Kavarna or the city of Balchik is also nearby, and the beautiful city of Varna is 74 km away.

Whichever place you choose to visit in the summer, the important thing is to spend happy moments and "recharge" with new energy, as well as keep beautiful and amazing memories of the experience.

We wish you a wonderful summer filled with many positive emotions, and we are always here to make it smarter >>> Backpacks for travel

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