We created our brand with two goals. Quality and functionality.

Made in EUROPE

To make your everyday life better!

Our aim? Taking your adventures to the next level without compromising on style.

Each one of ours adheres to the highest manufacturing standards for quality. Our focus on innovation, design and comfort gives our SMART BAGS the functionality and style you need in your everyday life.

Our backpacks are strong, durable and multi-functional, designed to be versatile, whatever the destination; from traveling for work to visiting the gym, from spending weekends in the mountains to walking in the park.

Choosing a SmartBag is an investment not only in image, but also in an easier life. This is because of the many functions of smart backpacks. Every one of the products we offer has a built-in USB charging option for your phone, because we know how quickly your smartphone's battery drains. We also know about your concerns that someone might steal something from you, that's why most of our smart backpacks have built-in anti-theft protection.

Designed to easily accommodate all your tech and lifestyle accessories, thanks to its smart design and system of functional extras, the SmartBag will be your perfect everyday companion, no matter what your day has in store.

Discover the huge variety of exclusive smart backpacks.

This is the only place where you can find all the best-selling models of smart backpacks with exceptional quality and high-quality design in one place. Our mission is to provide our customers with strong, durable and highly functional smart backpacks that will be your faithful assistant in everyday life!

We do not offer replicas, all our products are ORIGINAL and sourced directly from the manufacturer, so we can be sure that what we offer is exactly what you are looking for.


Despite the abundance of backpacks flooding the market, none of them offer more than one smart feature and manage to meet all your requirements. This is why our founder Lachezar created the SmartBag. He dedicated himself to creating products that would not only make people's lives easier, but also satisfy their needs and provide peace of mind.

What is the secret of success? We think the reason is that we are both traders and customers. We have faced the same problems that you have. We need and are looking for the features you want. We feel what you felt. This is why we can do a better job. We don't just want to make and sell backpacks.

A future with care for nature.

At Smart Bag, we believe that good design and manufacturing can change things for the better and help people improve their lifestyles and adventures in an eco-friendly way.

Our focus is to combine high-quality materials and innovative features to offer uniquely lightweight backpacks, accessories and smart travel solutions.

We strive to promote a more sustainable lifestyle while maintaining style.

Our products do not neglect aesthetics. All smart backpacks are made of high quality materials.

Created with a minimalist design for people who lead a dynamic lifestyle and are constantly on the go.

We believe deep down that we are not just a backpack company. We want to be the company that inspires people to get out and explore the wonderful world.