Introducing the #1 laptop backpack, with a special anti-theft and waterproof compartment for your laptop.

This backpack is made with breathable high-quality materials , it is equipped with a USB with maximum charging speed - a unique feature that you will appreciate the most when you see that the battery of your phone or electronic cigarette is falling!

You simply plug into the USB port on the backpack and continue using your device while it charges.

All these extras and conveniences in one backpack. Wow, yes.

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🎒 You can wear it for hours, without becoming uncomfortable

Just by touching the comfortable handles , you immediately understand what a high-quality backpack it is.

The materials are waterproof and breathable, so they don't cause sweating , and the handles are so comfortable that you can wear it all day without any sores or chafing.

💧🌫️ Does not cause sweating, rubbing and peeling

The backpack is made with airy, breathable materials that allow air to circulate and bring heat out, so they don't cause unpleasant sweating .

Also, the ergonomic handles and the hard back of the backpack adhere to the shoulders and back as comfortably as possible and do not create any discomfort, do not rub against the skin and do not create the feeling that the backpack is heavy, even if you carry it all day.

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🌧️👌 All your belongings safe and dry - and so are you

The backpack is 100% waterproof and equipped with a built-in rain cover - to keep your belongings dry and undamaged, even when weather conditions change unpredictably.

And with the built-in rain cover, that goes for you too - who likes to hide from the rain when they're out adventuring and sightseeing!

📱🔋 Always charged phone and electronic cigarette

There are very few things more unpleasant than a falling phone battery or an electronic cigarette, for example IQOS. Especially when you are on the road or there are no restaurants around where you can charge your electronics.

With the built-in USB port, you can charge your phone and other devices easily and comfortably, continuing to use it on the go.

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💯🏷️ It's so high quality and sturdy, that we give it a 2-year warranty

The backpack is made from the highest quality waterproof materials possible, which customers report looks like new even after years of use.

Unlike ordinary backpacks, this one does not crack, unravel, warp or thin. It serves faithfully year after year and is always ready for the next adventure!

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Truly the best laptop backpack I've ever used!

"I ordered it online out of curiosity, I didn't even expect how big the difference would be with the regular backpack I have from some sports store. I've had mine for 2 years and it hasn't budged, really amazing quality stuff.”

Ivelina K.

The most comfortable I've ever seen

"I'm a freelancer and my laptop is always with me. I haven't had a more comfortable laptop backpack, it doesn't weigh, it doesn't sweat, the handles are very ergonomic and even if I have to carry it around all day, it still doesn't chafe or hurt your lower back.”

Eleanor P.

Backpack #1

"They told me it was the #1 backpack in the world for quality and comfort - and they were right!"

Dean D. US

I dreamed of one

"This is exactly the kind of backpack I dreamed of and was looking for. It's super comfortable even if I have it on my back all day and it keeps my laptop dry and in the rain, it's a great backpack."

Ivan Kirilov

I had to own her

"This backpack is a must-have for anyone who carries a laptop around. Comfortable, light and very durable, kudos to the brand."

Philip Kutev



  • ✅ Made with materials that last for years
    ✅ Special compartment for a 17.3-inch laptop
    ✅ Always convenient and comfortable, even if it is full to the top and you wear it all day
    ✅ Waterproof and with additional built-in rain cover
    ✅ Ergonomic handles and breathable materials that do not cause sweating and rubbing on the skin
    ✅ Suitable for hand luggage on a plane - but much more convenient than a briefcase
    ✅ USB port for charging phone and electronic device (e.g. IQOS)
    ✅ Pocket for quick access to cards - no rummaging just when you're most in a hurry
    ✅ Anti-theft pocket - keep your valuables in a safe place

A regular backpack

  • ❌ Made with cheap materials that tear and unravel after 10-15 uses
    ❌ The laptop is carelessly thrown inside, where it rattles and rattles
    ❌ Starts to pull and weigh after half an hour of wearing
    ❌ If it rains, everything inside becomes a pool of water, including the priceless laptop
    ❌ Cheap fabrics and often uncomfortable handles that cause sweating and chafing
    ❌ Suitable for hand luggage on a plane - but it's uncomfortable
    ❌ There is no USB charging port, and if the phone or IQOS battery dies, it's over
    ❌ Everything is thrown "somewhere there" and you look for it for 5 minutes - especially when you are late
    ❌ No protection against theft - unless you wear a magical talisman or hope for luck

Amazing organization

Take everything with you for a worry-free day.

Trusted by travelers, loved by all!

5 reasons to choose a SMART backpack from SmartBag

1. Comfort and convenience

When it comes to being a student, one of the first things that comes to mind is the burden on the back. That's why most of the backpacks we offer have an ergonomic design and soft breathable threads for more wearing comfort.

2. Modern patented design

We always aim to offer models that students not only wear, but also get noticed for. The smartbag backpacks manage to impress both young and old.

3. Extras that will impress you

The most unique thing about SmartBag is the extras that our backpacks have. All models are equipped with USB charging and water resistance, but most also include many other small and not so small extras to make time at school easier!

4. 7 years and over 20,000 customers

For the last few years, we have become so necessary that we can offer more and more beautiful and high-quality backpacks. That's why customers love and recommend us. We don't stop growing every day!

5. No risk to you

14 days right of return no questions asked and no matter why. Simply, if you or the student who will wear the backpack does not like it - return it to us, and we will refund the amount. And last but not least, the backpacks have a 2-year warranty, because we know that anything happens.

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